How to create an effective video campaign in five steps

Getting your video ad up and running on YouTube isn’t difficult, especially when you have a sneak peek into how to do it. Before you start, we’ll walk you through how to sign up for YouTube Advertising and create your first video campaign.



Select the video for your campaign

Before advertising on YouTube, you’ll need to upload your video to your YouTube channel. Once it’s uploaded, simply paste the video’s URL into the box provided.

If you don’t already have one, you can see how to create a new YouTube channel here.


Create your video ad

The next step is to choose the text that’ll communicate who you are and what you offer. This includes a headline and description. The aim of your headline is to grab the attention of potential customers and highlight the product or service you’re trying to promote. Use the description text to feature your key messages (for example, the thing that makes you unique or a limited-time offer) and encourage people to watch your video ad.

In this section, you’ll also be asked to choose a thumbnail image for your video advertisement. These images are the first thing YouTube users see before they click on your ad. You know your business better than anyone else – choose the image you think best represents you and your content. If possible, you should try to match the image you choose to what you have mentioned in your ad text. For example, if your video text talks about surfing, choose the video still that captures someone surfing.

Note: Your thumbnail image will show when you use TrueView discovery ads, which only appear in YouTube search results and alongside videos similar to yours.



Choose where you want people to go after they click on your video ad.

Getting your story in front of potential customers is a great first step – but you should also consider what you want to happen when they click on your ad. Whether you send people to your website or your YouTube channel, the decision you make should tie to your online video marketing goals.

You can send people to:

  • Your YouTube channel to showcase your other videos and gain an audience on YouTube – increasing your video views, shares and subscribers
  • Your website to learn more about what you offer, make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, submit a form or any other action that’s valuable to your business


Set an online video marketing budget

When you first start running video ads, you may not know how much you need to spend to achieve your goals. The good news is you’re in control. You set a daily budget. And you can change or pause your video campaigns at any time.



Choose your target audience

Marketers use a concept called “targeting” to refer to the techniques they use to make sure their advertising gets in front of people likely to be interested in what their business has to offer.

By setting the correct targeting for your video campaigns, you can make sure you’re getting the most of your budget.

After considering where your likely customers are located, pick the location(s) where you want your ads to show. You can specify countries, regions and cities.

Next, you’ll choose when potential customers may see your video ad. You’ll pick from these two options to show your video ads when people are:

  • Searching on YouTube: Use TrueView discovery video ads to get in front of customers while they search for videos on YouTube
  • Watching videos on Youtube Use TrueView in-stream video ads to get in front of customers before they watch a video on YouTube

Note: You can also choose to show your ads to people as they browse other websites and mobile apps. Learn more about the Google Display Network.

You’ve learned that you can target potential customers by location. It’s equally important, however, to consider their demographics and interests. Demographic targeting refers to attributes like age and gender, while interest-based targeting makes it easy to show your ads based on what your customers are into. Choose from more than 100 interests (from travel enthusiasts to art aficionados), so your video ads show to the right customers.